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Dates for the IGCSE Exams

IGCSE examination dates

The dates for the IGCSE Exam are as follows: 
1. 3rd of May 2016: Reading & Writing Exams. 
2. 6th of May 2016: Listening Exam. 
3. 15th of March* until 15th of April* 2016: Speaking Exams.
* Notice that the exact date of the Speaking exam will be announced in February. 
Registration for the exams is now open. Please register soon because the spots are limited and the fees will increase after January 18th.

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IGCSE Students certifications



Fame Institute Exciting News!
Yesterday(12/11/2015) our 7 grade 6 students got their IGCSE certifications!
Our students' results at the IGCSE exams are once again exceptional, and our "If you believe, you can achieve" philosophy means we will continue to strive for further improvement in the future. Our teachers have worked incredibly hard to ensure our students' results are the best they can be. Nobody failed.
One of our students, Christodoulos, received an 'A' in the exams!
Congratulations to all our students on their achievement!


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New classroom for the preschool children

A new department has been created especially for children born after 2010 or children that will enrol at first class of elementary school. This course will take place at a new classroom every Thursday from 3.30 until 4.30 starting from 10th of September 2015. For more information about the available courses please call us at 22 487 555 .

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